West Yorkshire police and crime commissioner says he was not consulted ahead of the prime minister's speech

West Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson has blasted the prime minister for staging a speech in front of police cadets today.

The prime minister made a speech in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, highlighting his government’s funding for 20,000 new police recruits.

In a press conference afterwards, he was asked about Brexit, a general election and his brother’s resignation as a minister.

Burns-Williamson says was not consulted about the details of Boris Johnson’s visit to his area today. The commissioner, who is also chair of the association of police and crime commissioners, said the prime minister had “abused” the police to make a “political speech”.

Burns-Williamson says he has contacted West Yorkshire’s Police’s chief constable for more details.

West Yorkshire MPs have expressed disappointment at the decision to allow police cadets to be used as a backdrop for the prime minister.