Boris Johnson is under pressure to drop the Conservative candidate for Broadland over comments he made about rape.

Boris Johnson is being urged to drop his party’s candidate for Broadland, who was selected recently despite comments he has made about rape.

Former BBC presenter Nick Conrad was selected as the Conservative candidate for the general election earlier this week. He is hoping to replace former Conservative MP Keith Simpson who decided not to re-stand.

The prime minister is being called on the drop Conrad as the Conservative candidate as comments he made while presenting for the BBC about rape have resurfaced.

In a radio discussion about footballer Ched Evans, who was convicted and later cleared of a rape charge, Conrad suggested women should ‘keep their knickers on’.

Conrad said: “It’s the old adage about if you yank a dog’s tale then don’t be surprised when it bites you.”

“I think women need to be more aware of a man’s sexual desire; that when you’re in that position that you are about to engage in sexual activity, there’s a huge amount of energy in the male body, there’s a huge amount of will and intent, and it’s very difficult for many men to say no when they are whipped up into a bit of a storm.”

He added: “What I’m trying to say is that women also have to understand that when a man’s given certain signals, he’ll wish to act upon them and if you don’t wish to give out the wrong signals, it’s best probably to keep your knickers on and not get into bed with him. Does that make sense?”

Labour’s Angela Rayner has called on Boris Johnson to drop him as a candidate “immediately”. She said:

“Nick Conrad’s despicable comments blaming the victims of rape, saying they should have kept their ‘knickers on’, sound like they were lifted out of a Handmaid’s Tale’s script.”

“These views should be consigned to the dustbin of history. They have no place in the 21st century, let alone in Parliament.

“He is not fit to be an MP and it would be an affront to women everywhere if he were to become one.”

Conrad has called his comments “ill-advised”.