Derby North MP was suspended in February over antisemitism comments

Labour’s National Executive Committee has re-admitted Chris Williamson to the Labour Party.

The MP for Derby North was suspended in February 2019 after a video of him saying Labour had “given too much ground” over antisemitism emerged.

The decision was taken as Labour invited all its current MPs to declare whether they intend to re-stand, ahead of a potential snap election later this year. Derby North is a marginal seat. Williamson won the seat for Labour with a majority of 2,015 in 2017, having previously been the MP from 2010-2015.

Williamson’s re-admission has sparked anger. Labour MP Ruth Smeeth reacted by saying:

“I’m truly disgusted that he’s being readmitted to the Labour party. It’s yet another appalling day for the Labour party and makes it clear that the party really doesn’t care about anti-Jewish hate in our ranks at all.”

Jewish Labour Movement responded by saying the decision “stinks” and shows “the moral turpitude the party finds itself in.”