Corbyn says document is “cold hard evidence” that Boris Johnson's Brexit deal would be “damaging”.

Jeremy Corbyn has given details of further leaked government documents relating to Brexit at a press conference this morning.

The Labour leader says they show prime minister Boris Johnson has ‘misled the public’ about the details of his Brexit deal.

The document, entitled, ‘HM Government: Unfettered access to the UKIM’, relates to the arrangements in the deal aimed at maintaining an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Mr Corbyn said the document contained “cold hard evidence” that the Johnson deal would be “damaging”. He said “there will be customs declarations and security checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and tariffs the other way.

The document says: “The Withdrawal Agreement has the potential to separate Northern Ireland in practice from whole swathes of the UK’s internal market” meaning Northern Ireland will be “symbolically separated from the union.” Mr Corbyn emphasised Mr Johnson’s pledge to the DUP conference that no Conservative government could ever countenance such a scenario.