Labour says the government has 'waved the white flag to criminals', as crown court backlog almost double 2019 level.

The number of criminal cases stuck in the crown court backlog is now at a record high, according to the latest figures.

As of the end of September 2022, 62,766 crown court cases were outstanding – an almost 100% increase compared to the start of 2019.

Responding to the latest figures, Labour’s shadow justice secretary Steve Reed said:

“Following chronic mismanagement, we have the biggest courts backlog on record and a record low in the number of criminals being brought to justice. Crown Prosecution staff numbers have fallen since 2010, leaving the system powerless to keep up with the skyrocketing number of cases.

“The Conservatives have waved the white flag to criminals and left communities to pay the price.

“Labour is the party of law and order. The next Labour Government will take back control, tackling the backlog by opening specialist rape courts and increasing the number of lawyers allowed to serve as Crown Prosecutors. That’s how we prevent crime, punish criminals, and protect communities.”