Donald Trump meeting the Queen in Windsor
The president will be hosted at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

President Donald Trump will meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace later this year. The US president will attend a reception hosted by the monarch for NATO leaders on 3 December.

The UK is hosting the 2019 NATO Summit, which will take place in the week before the country heads to the polls for an early general election on 12 December. Boris Johnson will see the event as an opportunity to bolster his image as a statesman in the campaign.

On his state visit to the UK in the summer, Donald Trump described Jeremy Corbyn as a “negative force”. The president said he had turned down a meeting with the Labour leader because he preferred people who “do things correctly as opposed to criticise”.

Protests are expected to take place as NATO leaders gather at the palace with protesters expected to gather at Trafalgar Square.

A Stop the War Coalition spokesperson said: “Trump will be coming here the week before an election and will endorse Johnson. We need an alternative to war, militarism and racism – an anti-war government and a mass demonstration against Trump and NATO.”