Outage came moments after Labour leader tweeted link to his new pamflet.

The Fabian Society’s website crashed and failed to load for some users on Thursday morning.

The outage came just moments after Labour leader Keir Starmer tweeted a link to his 11,000-word pamphlet, The Road Ahead.

In the pamphlet, Starmer sets out his vision of a fairer, more secure and prosperous Britain, built on Labour values. He proposes 10 principles for a new contract between Labour and the British people, which together make up an ambitious plan to remake our country.

Starmer said:

“Our country is now at a crossroads. Down one path is the same old insecurity and lack of opportunity. But down the Labour one is something better: a society built on everyone’s contribution, with high-quality services, security and opportunity.”

You can read The Road Ahead on the Fabian Society’s website.