The short-lived party failed to gain any seats in the general election.

The Independent Group for Change has announced it is winding up, following its dire performance in the general election.

The party’s leader Anna Soubry, who lost her seat of Broxtowe, wrote to members this afternoon.

Soubry said: “Whilst there is clearly a need for massive change in British politics, now that we no longer have voices within Parliament, a longer term realignment will  have to take place in a different way. “

In February 2019, the seven Labour MPs quit to form ‘The Independent Group’. Three Conservative MPs followed.

The group registered as a political party to contest the EU Election in May 2019.

Several of the founding MPs left the party over the following months. Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger joined the Liberal Democrats.

Three MPs – Anna Soubry, Chris Leslie and Mike Gapes – contested the general election as Independent Group for Change candidates. None were elected.