Soldiers appear to surround Guaidó in the address posted on Twitter

Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaidó has appeared in a video to call for the “final phase” in the ousting of Nicholás Maduro.

Maduro continues to claim the presidency of Venezuela, despite Guaidó’s declaration under the Venezuelan constitution to be the country’s interim president. Guaidó is the head of Venezuela’s elected National Assembly and declared the presidency vacant on 23rd January, claiming Maduro’s presidency was illegitimate.

In a series of tweets accompanying the video posted on Tuesday, Guaido said:

“People of Venezuela began the end of usurpation. At this moment I meet the main military units of our armed force initiating the final phase of Operation Freedom.

The national armed forces have made the right decision, they have the support of the Venezuelan people, with the endorsement of our Constitution, with the guarantee of being on the right side of the story. To deploy the forces to achieve the cessation of usurpation.”

Detained activist Leopoldo Lopez has said he was freed by the military and called on Venezuelans to peacefully protest.