Guidance issued to local parties by Labour’s general secretary said two out of three elected to the body must be women.

The Labour Party has ignored its own gender quota for a key internal election to give Momentum candidates the top jobs.

Elections for the party’s constitutional committee took place recently with the results announced today.

The general secretary Jenny Formby had written to local parties prior to the elections to say that two of the three elected must be women.

The party announced today that three men, Momentum-backed candidates, had won the elections on the popular vote.

Gary Heather, Stephen Marks and Jabran Hussain were elected.

The two women with the highest number of votes, Gillian Troughton and Joanne Harding, backed by Labour First.

Jenny Formby’s guidance to local parties
The results of the internal ballot

The party has said the quota was dismissed for this election as it only applies to gender balancing of the committee as a whole.