Labour hopes to take advantage of the growing green economy with jobs to tackle the climate emergency.

The Labour Party has unveiled a plan to create one million good new jobs to tackle the climate emergency, reboot British industry and end inequality.

The party has already set out detailed plans to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in upgrading the nation’s homes, rolling out offshore wind at scale and kick starting an electric vehicle revolution.

Additional jobs outlined today in the party’s 2019 manifesto include those in areas such as: carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, tidal energy, the expansion of port infrastructure, tree planting, flood defences and plastics recycling.

Labour says the plans will bring new wealth to the UK’s regions and nations.

The party says it hopes to take advantage of the growing green economy, currently valued at $4 trillion globally and projected to grow to $9 trillion by 2030.

Labour has also announced plans to make sure people can access new green jobs by creating 320,000 climate apprenticeships and giving everyone the right to upskill and retrain throughout their lives.

Speaking ahead of the manifesto launch, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“This election is the last opportunity to take the vital action to head off runaway climate change.

“The next Labour government will lead the world in tackling the climate and environmental emergency with a plan to create a low-carbon economy with well-paid jobs we can be proud of.

“Labour will bring the country together to face a common challenge and mobilise all our national resources, both financial and human, to kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution.

“Just as the original Industrial Revolution brought cutting edge industry and jobs to our towns, Labour’s world-leading Green Industrial Revolution will create rewarding, well-paid jobs and whole new industries to revive parts of our country that have been neglected for too long.”