The party plans to cut fares by 33% in England from January 2020.

The Labour Party has announced plans to make the largest cuts to rail fares ever.

Under the plans, regulated fares in England would be cut by 33% from January 2020. The party says this would save the average rail commuter £1,097 a year.

The bold announcement comes after news that rail fares will rise by an average of 2.7% next year.

Labour also announced further rail-related measures:

  • Guarantee fair fares for part-time workers
  • A simple ticketing system across England
  • Free rail travel for under 16s

Most commuter fares including peak time fares and season tickets are regulated fares, which make up almost half of all tickets sold.

Labour says it’s plans for an integrated railway under public ownership will deliver easy and affordable access to sustainable public transport “to boost economic growth and reduce road traffic to tackle congestion, air pollution and climate emissions.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

“Taking back control of our railways is the only way to bring down fares and create a railway network that is fit for the future.”

Labour’s shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said:

“Privatisation has created one of the most complex, exploitative and expensive ticketing systems in the world. Labour will scrap the bewildering and outdated fares and ticketing system that discriminates against part-time workers, discourages rail travel and excludes the young and low paid.”