Labour is ready for government. Here's what it would do in power.

Securing and growing our economy

A new Office for Value for Money will be established to make sure public spending is in the national interest. Every policy will be costed and fully funded. A new National Wealth Fund will be set up, with an initial £8.2 billion for green projects.

Business rates would be cut and eventually scrapped to be replaced with a new system of business taxation fit for the 21st century.

A new National Economic Council will bring together industry and trade unions to better inform decision making.

New rules will be brought in to ensure trade negotiations deliver economic opportunities across the whole of the UK.

A Labour Government will launch a National Procurement Plan, which will include making social value mandatory in all contracts. A new public dashboard of government contracts will be created to improve transparency.

Giving people a hand up

A Labour Government would implement a windfall tax on oil and gas producers to pay for energy support for households and businesses this winter.

Mid-contract inflation rises to phone and broadband bills will be brought to an end. Rises will be limited by wholesale cost rises. Broadband companies will be required to offer a social tariff for low-income families.

A Labour Government will set to work on a modern childcare system, starting with free breakfast clubs for every primary school in England. Private school fees will no longer be exempt from VAT. 

A new deal for workers

The minimum wage will be linked to the cost of living. Public procurement will be used to support good jobs. Fair pay agreements will be established across the economy.

Rights and protections for the employed and self-employed will be strengthened. Zero-hours contracts will be banned and fire and rehire will be outlawed. Flexible working will be a day one right and stronger family-friendly rights will be introduced. Those with caring responsibilities will be given greater protections.

A right to ‘switch off’ and work autonomously will be introduced. Trade union legislation will be updated so it is fit for a modern economy. Legislation backing workplace rights will be strengthened and mental health will be put on par with physical health.

Workplace harassment and socio-economic discrimination will be tackled. Action will be taken to close the gender, ethnic and disability pay gap.

Protecting the nation's health

A Labour Government will guarantee a GP appointment in two days.

The NHS workforce will be bolstered with:

  • Double the number of medical training places
  • An extra 10,000 nursing and midwifery clinical placements every year
  • Double the number of district nurses qualifying each year
  • An additional 5,000 health visitors trained

A Labour Government will recruit 8,500 mental health workers, guarantee NHS mental health support within a month, and establish mental health hubs for young people in every community. Every school will be given specialist mental health support.

A new National Care Service will be established requiring private providers to meet new standards. Firms operating care services will be required to pay their taxes.

Turning Britain into a green superpower

A Labour Government will make the investment needed to transition to a green economy: £28 billion every year for eight years. All government spending will have to meet new net-zero and nature tests.

A Labour Government will aim for 100% clean power by 2030. There will be increased investment in wind, solar, tidal, hydrogen and nuclear. Fracking will be banned.

A new publicly owned company, Great British Energy, will be created to sell Britain’s clean power domestically and internationally.

A national mission to insulate 19 million homes will be launched to ensure homes meet a minimum standard of EPC Band C.

A Labour Government will drive innovation in British steel by match funding investment in green steel. A nationwide network of Climate Export Hubs will be established.

Restoring law and order

A Labour Government will recruit 13,000 new community officers to restore neighbourhood policing and establish police hubs in communities.

Misogyny will be made a hate crime. Minimum sentences will be introduced for rape and stalking, and every police force will have a rape investigation unit. Specialist rape courts will be established to increase rape convictions.

A new Domestic Violence Register will be established for convicted abusers and additional domestic abuse experts will be available in 999 control rooms.

A Labour Government will legislate to put the Hillsborough law on the statute book.

Crack down on corporate fraud, with companies made liable for corporate crime committed by their employees.

Skilling up British workers

A Labour Government will establish Skills England to oversee national skills. Adult education skills spending will be devolved to combined authorities. Over 1,000 careers advisors will be recruited, and a two-week work experience guarantee will be established.

The apprenticeship levy will become the Growth and Skills Levy to allow companies to spend up to 50% of their levy contributions on non-apprenticeship training. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications will be sought.

Working with industry

A Labour Government will work in partnership with businesses and establish in law a new Industrial Strategy Council with four missions:

  • Delivering clean power by 2030
  • Harnessing data for public good
  • Caring for the future
  • Building a resilient economy

A Labour Government will spend 3% of GDP on research and development and secure future participation in Horizon Europe.

Homes for all

A Labour Government will introduce a new target of 70% home ownership. First-time buyers will be given first access to new homes and extra support through a new mortgage guarantee scheme. A renters’ charter will be introduced, alongside a new decent homes standard.

More social housing will be built and more homes brought into the ownership of local authorities. Social housing will be restored to the second largest form of tenure.

Protecting our environment

A Labour Government will require mandatory monitoring of all sewage outlets and introduce a legally binding target to end 90% of sewage discharges by 2030. There will be automatic fines for discharges and a standing charge penalty for discharge points without monitoring in place. Water company directors will be struck off if they systematically do not comply.

A Clean Air Act will be introduced to give people a legal right to breathe clean air.

Britain in the world

A Labour Government will reinstate the 0.7% aid spending target and legislate to ensure Britain’s aid budget helps tackle climate change.

Working with international partners at the International Criminal Court, a Labour Government would seek to agree a new international law of ecocide, creating international criminal responsibility for large scale, wanton, and unlawful destruction of the environment.

The climate crisis will be a standing item on the agenda of the National Security Council, reflecting the gravity and urgency of the challenge. A Labour Government would also seek to put the environment at the top of the international agenda by pushing for climate action to become a fourth pillar of the UN.

A Labour Government will implement the Russia Report in full. The Armed Forces Covenant will be put fully into law. Cooperation with our allies in the EU will be strengthened through a new security pact to complement NATO.

Citizens will be given a new legal right to consular assistance.

The Rwanda asylum scheme will be scrapped and the money redirected to a new cell in the National Crime Agency to tackle people smuggling gangs.

Connecting our communities

A Labour Government will deliver Northern Powerhouse Rail and HS2 in full. Railways will be brought back into public ownership.

Championing culture, media and sport

Channel 4 will be kept in public hands. A new independent football regulator will be established in law.

A Labour Government would seek a new agreement with the EU to allow British artists to tour the continent visa-free.

A progressive society

The Gender Recognition Act will be modernised. All forms of conversion therapy will be banned. A new Race Equality Act will be introduced.

Ryan Jackson

Ryan works in politics and is a contributor to PoliReview.

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