PM has dropped planned date of 22nd February.

The government’s much touted roadmap for fully re-opening schools and easing lockdown restrictions has been delayed, according to recent statements.

On 5th February, the Prime Minister told the nation he would set out his roadmap “on February 22nd”. But in recent days government figures have started saying the roadmap will come in “the week of” 22nd February.

The starkest indication that the plan had been delayed came at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday when Boris Johnson also said “in the week of 22nd February, we will be setting out a road map and the way forward for schools.”

The government will review all the latest data relating to vaccine rollout and infection levels in the week of 15th February.

Delay to the restriction easing roadmap raises fears that school re-openings could be delayed beyond the government’s 8th March target. The government has promised to give parents’ two full weeks’ notice of any changes to current arrangements.