The former Conservative MP was elected at the last election with a slim majority against Labour.

The Liberal Democrats are set to stand aside in Broxtowe in support of Anna Soubry. The decision not to contest the seat on 12 December was reportedly made at a ‘national level’.

Soubry, a former Conservative minister who joined The Independent Group for Change (TIGfC) in 2018, is a long-standing advocate for a second referendum. She was elected with a majority of 863 at the last election, ahead of the Labour candidate. The Liberal Democrats came a distant third.

Several of Soubry’s TIGfC colleagues have defected to the Liberal Democrats in recent months, including Chuka Umuna and Luciana Berger. Both will contest new seats for the party at the general election. Former Conservative Heidi Allen defected to the Liberal Democrats but will stand down.