Over 100 MPs from across the House of Commons have urged the government to ask the Speaker to recall Parliament

Over 100 MPs have called on Boris Johnson to request a recall of Parliament to allow scrutiny of his government’s approach on Brexit.

Johnson has said he will take the UK out of the EU on the planned deadline of 31st October with or without a deal. However, Parliament is currently in its summer recess. It is due to return on 3rd September. 

A joint letter to the prime minister, coordinated by independent MP Luciana Berger, says: 

“We are writing to request that you, on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, ask the Speaker of the House of Commons to recall Parliament immediately to allow MPs to hear statements from your and your ministers on progress towards a Brexit deal and to scrutinise your preparations for a ‘no deal’ on 31 October.”

The letter continues:

“Waiting until 3 September when your Brexit deadline will only be a matter of weeks away is unacceptable.

We face a national emergency, and Parliament must be recalled now in August and sit permanently until 31 October, so that voices of the People can be heard, and that there can be proper scrutiny of your government.”

The Westminster leaders of the SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrats and Change UK have signed the letter.

Johnson will meet key EU leaders for the first time as prime minister next week.